Why We Farm The Way We Do

let me see if I can put it into words:

regenerative… yes
sustainable… probably, we’ll see
bio dynamic… I guess
organic… yup…just no time for all the paperwork
demeter… basically…just no cow horns

not sure what the catch phrase of the month is on how we farm
but our basic approach is to leave this land and water and air and the animals and
humans we come in contact with…better off when we’re finished here
we’re just here for alittle while
40 years if we’re lucky
so we’re just trying to not screw it up

we believe nature will always find a way….she really doesn’t need us…often we do more
harm than good…so less is more…sunsets are sweet fireworks for the soul…sunrises
and birds serenading us are refreshing…farming is hard work…but we haven’t found
anything to replace how it makes us feel

we love life
we love animals
we love (most of) you
we like beer a lot
we like growing things and love watching things grow

we love things that are beautiful
and practical
we believe in the circle of life
and know we are part of it

we want to add, strengthen, deepen that circle
not end it

we want to be responsible, pay our bills, provide good opportunities for our team, grow
great tasting hops, walnuts, fruit, etc…healthy, happy sheep, hens, spiders, birds,
etc…keep our and your pets safe…inspire, protect and foster your and our kids…promote
community…craft amazing…beers

we are standing on the shoulders of so many that have gone before

we want to honor them…we want to help show and educate the next generation

we want to leave things better than we found them

-je, xo & team