We Grow Beer

“With beers we brew that utilize our homegrown hops, locally grown and malted grain, our processed well water, maybe along with any local produce (seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers), we are getting zeroed-in on Sacramento-grown beer, which is so cool. Really being able to dig in to regionality and seasonal expressions of the Sacramento valley. The next component for us is capturing and cultivating native yeast from our farm environment for unique fermentation projects. Then we’ve really completed the circle: grain, hops, water and yeast.

We embrace the unique opportunity to explore these concepts of terroir and regionality that not all others have. And historically speaking, brewing with local ingredients was sort of the default option. Beers coming from England, Germany, Belgium, France, Japan, etc were all expressions of their regions, what grew there, what the water chemistry was like, using what the land gave then.

So i think a part of what we’re looking to do here at Ruhstaller is getting back to that original inspiration in a way, and embracing what our local community has to offer, digging deeper, since we have the opportunity that some others don’t. What do Sacramento beers look like? We are well on the way of finding that out.”