Meet Knut and His Orchard

he and his orchard are free
free to be themselves
free to run and jump and sleep and climb and hunt and play all day
just as the trees and the birds and the critters and the grasses and the life underground are free
free to grow and roam and crawl and breathe and sing and dig

free from our human tendencies to focus on crop yield and nut size
free from a farmers need to always be doing something… mowing… spraying… applying… pruning

free to develop an ecosystem and a life of its own
free to find balance where bird and caterpillar and spider and leaf and grass and worm help each other
free to enjoy the warm spring sunshine… the winter rains… our refreshing summer breezes…and the
dew filled mornings of this little plot of dirt here in Dixon California

Knut and his orchard are free!

Try some of knut’s fresh knutz:
– candied knutz
– walknut brittle
– raw walknuts
– and Knut’s favorite:
ON or OFF [the trail] MIX