Hop Sac

After a season of pruning, stringing, training, weeding, feeding, watering, whispering…it’s finally time for harvest. At dawn we cut down the bines then run them through our picker…they go straight into the kettle, still wet, full of aroma and lupulin. Hop Sac is a celebration of Hop Harvest…an aromatic, bright, bittersweet snapshot of our hoppy mornings.

BARLEY | California Metcalf & Copeland

HOPS | California Nugget & Cascade

IBUs | 42

ABV | 6.0%

Hop Sac is a California Wet Hop Ale brewed with freshly-harvested whole cone California hops. The Hop Sac series explores the concept of terroir – the specific combination of geographic and climatic factors that influence growing conditions at a certain place – as it relates to hops and beer. Similar to wine grapes, hops will express different flavors in the finished beer depending on factors during the growing season which include rainfall, temperature and humidity.